Online communities come together to rescue girl attempting suicide on Facebook Live

Two Thai Facebook pages with huge followings came together last night to locate and contact authorities to rescue a woman who live-streamed herself overdosing on Facebook.

Around 10pm last night, Facebook pages Queen of Black Spades and Drama-addict posted status updates calling for help and information regarding a woman who talked about her illness and personal struggles on Facebook. As she overdosed and lost consciousness during her live stream, the online communities spread the message and her life was saved by rescue volunteers.

“Rescue volunteers in Pattanakarn area, contact me. Help me please,” Queen of Black Spades wrote on Facebook to ask for help, without sharing the video.

With the help of PPTV news publication, rescue volunteers found the road the woman lives on, and her neighbors pointed them to her house in Pattanakarn area.

Police and the rescue volunteers of Poh Teck Tung Foundation went in to help the girl just in time and sent her to the Phranangklao Hospital. An emergency room nurse stated that they needed to wait until the drugs wore off to know if there is long-term damage to her health.

It was reported that the woman attempted to hurt herself because of illness and family crisis, Sanook reported.

Meanwhile, the Facebook page Drama-addict posted a status to raise awareness about depression.

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