Officials to fix cabling after worldwide negative attention, courtesy of Bill Gates

After putting it off for a decade, officials say they are finally ready to take on the THB51.7 billion project of putting the city’s 127 kilometers of tangled overhead cables underground.

Interesting timing that they announced this just days after a photo of Thailand’s famous tangled street cables was posted to Facebook by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. His post went viral, and got Thailand exactly the kind of worldwide attention that it doesn’t want.

The photo posted by Bill Gates.

According to officials, the first part of the underground cable project is grouping all the electricity, communication and television cables together and placing them below 39 roads in Bangkok, Samut Prakan and Nonthaburi. The TOT Plc is responsible for this phase, which will cost THB3 billion, reported Bangkok Post.

Despite delaying the project for ten years, they have announced that the first phase of the project will be complete by 2020, which is five years ahead of schedule.

We’ll believe it when we see it.

Until then, it’s all about tourists posing with cables.


Bill Gates gets wires crossed with picture of Thailand’s drooping street cables

Tourists amazed by Thailand’s indigenous cabling

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