Officer Outsmarted: Suspect tricks cop into entering jail cell by crying ‘snake,’ locks door behind him, escapes (VIDEO)

Screenshot: Khaosod
Screenshot: Khaosod

Sometimes when movie-like (or perhaps sitcom-like) moments occur in the real world, you’re left baffled, wondering just how exactly this could have actually taken place.

One of those moments happened last night, when a suspect locked up for alleged drug trafficking tricked an Ayutthaya police officer into entering his jail cell — by claiming there was a snake inside — then simply snuck out behind him and closed the door.

Yep. Escaping justice, if only momentarily, was just that easy.

This morning, police from Ayutthaya province’s Sena district, along with a 200-volunteer posse, finally re-captured 23-year-old Anan Komlawanit, who had originally been arrested yesterday at about 9.30pm for possessing 96 yaba tablets with intent to sell, reported Khaosod.

Senior Sgt. Maj. Ratchada Supawong, the victim of Anan’s slithery ruse, explained that, during the time of the incident, the suspect was loudly wailing that a snake had popped up from the cell’s drain.

Ratchada entering the cell -- Screenshot: Khaosod
Ratchada entering the cell — Screenshot: Khaosod

Pol. Ratchada, reportedly, entered the cell four times to look for the snake.

The two inside the cell -- Screenshot Khaosod
The two inside the cell — Screenshot Khaosod

When he entered the cell for the last time, however, Anan saw his chance, and simply dashed out the door and locked the duped cop inside behind him.

Ratchada locked up inside the cell instead. -- Screenshot: Khaosod
Ratchada locked up inside the cell instead. — Screenshot: Khaosod

At about 3am this morning, Sena police received a call from a civilian alleging that a man matching Anan’s description had come into their house asking for help before taking off running.

Officials finally found the “boy who cried snake” hiding in the shadows of a banana tree, located only about 1 kilometer from where he was originally detained.

He has since been brought back to the station and is now facing additional charges for escaping from custody and entrapping an official, reported Sanook.

If we could offer our two cents, we might recommend someone other than Pol. Ratchada being put in charge of minding him this time.

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