No bum gun, no worries! Portable bidet shop opens at BTS Siam (VIDEO)

In Friday’s most WTF news of the day, we happened across a stall at BTS Siam that sells only one product. One that, once you see it, you won’t know how you ever lived without it: colorful portable bum guns.

They kinda look like a private Songkran party just for your bottom.

For those of you who have lived in Thailand and fallen in love with the country’s ubiquitous toilet-side water hoses, you’re sure to understand the pain of going back to the West and living without a beloved bum gun — wiping your butt without rinsing it first just seems savage after experiencing the Thai way.

Honestly, Thais don’t even understand how you farangs ever don’t use a bum gun.

Now you no longer have to worry, thanks to a portable bidet shop that recently opened in Siam BTS station. The little water gun needs to be attached to a standard water bottle, allowing you to have the total Thai toilet experience no matter where you go.

Checking into a fancy hotel and disappointed when you see that the toilet lacks your favorite accessory? No probs, you brought your own!

The shop is called “Sabaitoot,” which translates to “butt happiness” in English. There’s also a promotion that you can get one gun for free when you buy four, which is perfect for a family or a group of really close friends.

We found a listing online for the Sabaitoot product, which explains the product’s amazing attributes.

“It’s easy to use and decreases the use of toilet paper. It’s suitable for people who go study abroad because the U.S., Australia, and many other countries do not have a rinsing device even in their house.”

Conveniently, Sabaitoot is also sold at a shop in Suvarnabhumi airport, in case you’re just about to board your flight but forgot to pick one of these beauties up.

It’s the perfect gift for all the Thai and farang friends on your Christmas list.

Here’s a guide on how to use the portable bidet, as demonstrated by the sales lady at Siam.


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