Nigerian-Thai scammers con Thai women out of THB20 million by posing as farang bachelors

A Nigerian-Thai couple were arrested in Bangkok yesterday after they conned Thai women out of over THB20 million by toying with their hopes of landing a rich white husband.

Nigerian national Chinaka Chinedu, 23 and his Thai girlfriend Uraporn Kaesawattana, 34, were arrested in Nong Khaem district yesterday after police received reports that the couple lured Thai women into to transferring money to their account with the oldest trick in the book — that their white lover would like to send them an expensive present worth thousands of dollars, but the ladies need to pay the import fee.

Police said the couple worked with two other Thai women, who police are seeking to arrest. First, Chinedu would find Thai women who want a white husband on dating sites and approach them as a white rich man who wants to get married, Bangkok Biz News reported.

His girlfriend would then contact the victims to pay USD30,000 – USD50,000 (THB1 – 1.7 million) to collect a fee from the Customs Department. After that, the fake white bachelor would pull a millennial dating trick — ghosting.

The couple have been scamming Thai women for a year.

Uraporn was charged for fraud while Chinedu has only been charged for overstaying his visa because the police cannot find evidence against him.

Guess breaking women’s hearts is not technically illegal. Nevertheless, he will be deported.


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