Mrs. Big Leg: Infamous boozing, womanizing German beggar weds in Gambia (PHOTOS)

Photo: Benjamin Holst/Facebook
Photo: Benjamin Holst/Facebook

In a shocking move, the notorious big-legged beggar, who has been blacklisted from Thailand and thrown out of several other Asian countries for illegal begging and spending the cash on booze and ladies of the night, has decided to settle down with one woman.

Yes, the swollen-legged beggar Benjamin Holst got married yesterday in the African nation of Gambia, if his Facebook page is any indication.

Thirteen hours ago he posted that he was “feeling in love” in Banjul, Gambia, with the caption “Wedding Time” along with pictures of him kissing an African beauty in a white dress while he wears a traditional outfit.

Further stalking of his page shows that he marked himself as engaged (sorry ladies!) on Dec. 12. He has been posting photos of himself with his untagged Gambian bride since early November, even saying that he helped her get her passport and that her name is Yima. In many photos posted during their short courtship, they are doing surprisingly normal things like eating meals out, going to the beach, taking a horse ride, and cooking together. Back in November, he called her family “his new family” and wrote “Never more Asia, only Gambia.”

There seems to be nary a swear, curse, or visit to a red-light district since he landed in Africa.

Many people congratulated him and said that he was looking healthy and happy.

Later that night, he posted photos of his bride lying on a bed with the caption “Good night, my friends.”

Perhaps the love of a good woman was all he really needed.



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