Movie Night of the Living Dead: Thai Cemetery shows films to ghosts

A cemetery in Prachinburi province Thursday night showed a triple-feature of low-budget productions on a screen set up before the more than 200 graves holding former residents of Thai-Chinese descent.

Kiattipong Kongtong, whose mobile projector truck was hired to show the films, said it was the third year they rolled up to entertain the dead. He said his unnamed client wants the “grandpas and grandmas” to be entertained.

Kiattipong and his crew kept the spirits company by sitting to watch the films until the end. Kiattipong assured concerned reporters that it “wasn’t spooky at all.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid. I’m here to do my job,” Kiattipong said.

Kiattipong Kongtong’s mobile projector truck. Photo: Kiattipong Kongtong / FB


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