Moto-taxi stop on Sukhumvit now offers free wifi for people waiting in line

Photo: Pisit Tangkoblarp/ Facebook
Photo: Pisit Tangkoblarp/ Facebook

A motorcycle stop in Bearing has a simple but brilliant solution to please customers who have to queue up in a long line to wait for their ride.

Facebook user Pisit Tangkoblarp posted a photo of a notice board at a motorcycle taxi stop on Sukhumvit Soi 107 that informs customers of their wifi password.

The text said:

Dear Customers,

During rush hour in the evening, the traffic is usually very busy, resulting in long waiting times. Sukhumvit 107 motorcycle taxi drivers (the night shift) apologize for the delayed service. We would like to offer free wifi.

Soon we will launch a Facebook page so you can call for our service conveniently at night. We will also suggest places and restaurants around the Bearing area.

Thank you for trusting in our service,

Sukhumvit 107 motorcycle taxi drivers

Pisit praised the idea, and said that the 200/50 Mbs internet service at the bike stop is even faster than the wifi he gets at home.
People are loving the idea of this improved motorcycle taxi stop, which is a tangible result compared to the government’s vague digital ambition for their “Thailand 4.0.” Some people joked that they would even take their laptops to the moto stop to use the free internet.

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