Most beautiful buffalo couple in Thailand revealed

What makes Baiyok the most handsome buffalo bachelor in the kingdom?

It’s the rare white spots arching over his eyes, the leonine stripe around his neck and the socks of velvety black fur, according to owner Sombat Tamla-iat.

Sombat bragged to the press that his buffalo, which cost him THB1.9 million, has won 17 beauty pageants as he accompanied Baiyok on Friday through a public appearance at the National Buffalo Day celebration held at Khon Kaen University.

“Certain things are rare to find,” Sombat reflected. “I love and feel connected with him. His price is now set at THB5 million, but I might not sell him at all!

Sombat is also governor of the Buffalo Conservation Community, making Baiyok the official spokesbuffalo.

While Baiyok only attended the event as a guest Friday, Sombat sent in “Nuea Hom,” his THB1.3-million female buffalo to compete in the beauty pageant, where she was crowned the most hottest buffalo bachelorette that day from a crowd of 40 lovely maids.

Sombat said he’s raised buffalos for 15 years and is alarmed by their rapidly shrinking population. Nearly 90 percent of the buffalo population which once numbered in the millions has been lost. About 1.8 million roamed the kingdom at the turn of the century, and now only about 800,000 remain, and those are getting smaller in size.

Sombat said he wants to dedicate his life to developing the breed of Thai buffalos, Thai News Agency reported.


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