Monitor lizard destroys pre-schoolers’ lunch break

A failed bid to capture a giant monitor lizard sent him scampering into 20 preschoolers who then ran like screaming hell for their little lives.

Rescue volunteers who arrived at the Ayutthaya school where the three-meter beast was discovered in a tree succeeded in getting it to leave the tree, whereupon it fell about five meters to no apparent injury.

Now fully panicked, the large lizard sped away, escaping into a nearby building.

That happened to be the cafeteria, where a group of baby students were enjoying their happy lunch times together only to be interrupted by the rampaging reptile. The 20 preschoolers reportedly ran in about as many directions to escape the thing.

The rescue team managed to corner the saurian strider and ultimately four men were required to carry the scaly wanderer from the cafeteria.

They released him unharmed into the wild behind the school, Khaosod reported.


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