Military school says student died of heart attack, parents find organs missing in secret autopsy

Facebook photo of Pakapong Tanyakan.
Facebook photo of Pakapong Tanyakan.

A student was recently found dead with some of his internal organs missing at the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School and his parents are demanding answers.

The boy, 18-year-old Pakapong Tanyakan, 18, died on Oct. 17. He was in his first year at the prestigious school. His parents, Pichet and Sukanya Tanyakan, told the media yesterday that they were given no other details on their son’s death. The death certificate presented to the couple, who are professional racecar drivers, seemed suspicious and only stated that the healthy young man died of cardiac arrest.

Due to their suspicions, the couple had their son’s body secretly autopsied in Chonburi after it was released for funeral rites.

Screenshot: Amarin TV

Though the cremation had been scheduled for Oct. 24, the couple snuck the body to the hospital and, unbeknownst to others, the coffin remained at the temple empty.

The autopsy revealed that the boy’s heart, stomach, bladder, and brain were missing and his skull had been stuffed with tissue paper. He also had a broken rib, two broken collarbones, and internal bruising on his stomach and back.

Doctors said that the broken rib and bruising could not have occurred during CPR administration but likely by being beaten before his death.

The parents are demanding answers about what happened to their son and that the missing organs be returned.

They told media that their son said he had been severely disciplined at the school and that, one time, he was punished so badly that his heart stopped beating.

A Facebook photo of Pakapong Tanyakan and his family.

Sukanya shared that her son told her that he had been forced to stand on his head in the bathroom and had gone into shock on a previous occasion.

The couple also played a recording they had made from a conversation between themselves and the school after they learned about the missing organs.

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