Meet the Batman collector Bangkok deserves AND needs right now

Pow! Bang! Biff! Coconuts TV knocks on the door of Somchai Nitimongkolchai to step into his Batcave (hello, copyright!) BatCat Museum to discover another world of superheroes.

Somchai is a superhero geek and possibly Bangkoks’s biggest Batman fan, ever since he first became enthralled by Christian Bale as the dark knight in “Batman Begins.”

“The reson why I like Batman more than other superheroes is because Batman is a real human being” he explained. “Spiderman can shoot webs, Superman can fly, and Iron Man has high-tech armor. These are impossible, but Batman can exist!”

Hell yes, we’ve got a soft place in our hearts for super-passionate geeks, and had to go take a look at his insane collection.





Batcat Museum & Toys Thailand

9am – 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday





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