Massage Mafia: Woman’s leg broken during enthusiastic Thai massage, gets 50 percent off

Pimyanee Thanyawongsakul, 59, was sent to hospital after her leg was broken during a traditional Thai massage. Screenshot: Matichon TV

The family of a woman whose leg was broken during a traditional Thai massage in Chonburi yesterday is taking legal action against the masseur, who still demanded half of the massage fee.

Pimyanee Thanyawongsakul, 59, who has osteoporosis, was sent to the hospital after the massage from hell and her daughter, Saranya, has filed a complaint against the masseur and demanded that he take responsibility. Pimyanee is now waiting for leg surgery next Monday.

The masseur, Nathanapop Klachingchai, 50, who is also the owner of the unnamed massage parlor, said that Pimyanee did not mention that she had osteoporosis, only that she had survived cancer. Otherwise, he would have refused to treat her.

After breaking her leg, Nathanapop still demanded a THB700, about US$20, “teacher worshipping fee” instead of charging her the full price of THB1,360, Sanook reported.

According to Thai beliefs, “teacher worshipping fee” is collected by those who offer superstitious or traditional services such as Thai massage and fortune telling. The fee can’t be waived.

However, following the mishap, Nathanapop said he’s willing to sell his motorcycle to help pay for Pimyanee’s surgery, which will cost about THB30,000.

Nathanapop has been charged for not having a permit to run a health business. He is facing up to one year in prison and a THB60,000 fine, according to The Nation.

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