Man steals bus from terminal, picks up passengers before crashing

Passengers on bus No. 59 last night must have been confused.

Police are still looking for a man who stole bus No. 59 from Rangsit bus terminal, drove the bus to pick up some passengers before he crashed it into another public bus and escaped.


Korakrit Sriyod, 35, driver of bus No. 126, who waited for police at Kaset Intersection, said bus No. 59, which was loaded with passengers, was speeding and ended up colliding with his vehicle around 9pm yesterday. No one was injured.

When the man stepped out of the bus, Korakit asked for his documents, but he said he didn’t have any and he seemed drunk.

Therefore, Korakrit told his conductor to take the man’s bag as evidence.

The crazy driver, who was later identified as 20-year-old Jirasak, escaped in the middle of their negotiation in a taxi, Morning News reported.

Police later found out the bus Jirsak was driving had been stolen from a terminal in Rangsit earlier that night.

The terminal’s manager, Kampan Putsisane, 58, said Jirsak drove it out of the terminal around 8pm last night. As he was wearing a bus driver’s uniform, no one suspected anything.

Korakrit did, however, admit that there was one flaw in the man’s attempt to impersonate a driver, he was wearing the uniform of an air-conditioned bus driver, but No. 59 is not air-conditioned.

A police complaint has been filed against Jirasak, MCOT reported.

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