Love Scammer: Thai woman marries 8 men, flees with all the dowries

Widely-shared Facebook photos of Jariyaporn “Nammon” Buayai, who allegedly married 8 men and escaped with the dowries. Photo: Tee-pae/ Facebook
Widely-shared Facebook photos of Jariyaporn “Nammon” Buayai, who allegedly married 8 men and escaped with the dowries. Photo: Tee-pae/ Facebook

Police are hunting for a Thai woman accused of marrying at least eight men before fleeing with stacks of dowry money — ranging from THB200,000 to THB500,000 (about US$6,000-US$15,000) per wedding.

One of the victims, Prasarn Tiamyam, 32, filed a report at the Crime Suppression Division yesterday against “ex-wife” Jariyaporn “Nammon” Buayai, 32, who allegedly cheated him of a THB200,000 dowry four days after their wedding at a seaside resort in Prachuap Khiri Khan province.

Following a viral post on social media that warned Thai men to look out for this dowry scammer, Prasarn, who is now remarried, came forward to the police after finding out his past marriage was a lie.

Speaking to Amarin TV, Prasan said that he got to know Nammon when she added him on Facebook in February of 2015. After only nine months, he agreed to marry her because she said she was pregnant.

During their relationship, Prasarn said that Nammon refused to let him meet her parents. Only four days after their wedding, Nammon told him that she had to deal with their fruit business in Nong Khai province and left. Soon after, Prasarn could no longer contact her. Instead, he received a call from a woman who claimed to be Nammon’s niece. She told him that Nammon lost the baby and Prasarn should not contact her again.

Prasarn only realized he had been duped when Nammon’s story was posted on social media recently.

Meanwhile, another man, who declined to be named, told Khaosod that he also met Nammon on Facebook and was allegedly cheated of THB500,000 in dowry in February of this year. After he transferred the money to her bank account, Nammon simply said it wasn’t a good time for her to be married because of a “bad horoscope.”

Citing another victim, only identified as “Wichit,” Morning News reported that this groom has been in touch with seven other men who were duped by this woman.  

Wichit said their stories are similar — Nammon added all of them on Facebook, had sex with them right away after their meet-up, and lied about being pregnant.

According to an Aug. 30 viral Facebook post about Nammon, she got married approximately once a week in August, to five different men.

As of today, there is no verifiable report as to exactly how many men she has been married to.

Yesterday, police in the northern Leoi prince visited the house of Nammon’s parents in Wang Sapung district, only to find out her parents also fled.

The police only found Nammon’s older sister, who said she has already cut ties with Nammon because her little sister never returned THB10,000 (about USD300) that she borrowed.

The older sister, who was not named, pled via media for Nammon to turn herself in, adding that she was very worried about their parents, T News reported.


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