Lip lock! Giant gecko latches onto poor boy’s face and won’t let go

Social media commenters were sympathetic yesterday when pictures of a young boy in Lampang surfaced with a large lizard biting his upper lip.

Pictures show a sad little boy with what looks like a tuk-kae latched onto his face. This is the latest in a series of strange and regrettable human and reptile interactions including snakes emerging from toilets to attack private parts and massive monitor lizards named after pop stars trying to get into houses.

The poor boy was photographed several times, possibly so that his parents could show doctors what kind of lizard it was. Sanook reported that the creature refused to let go and that the boy had to visit the medics of Koo Phai Wang Neua foundation for help.

Some netizens that were sharing the photo on social media encouraged others to do the same, citing the old Thai proverb, “If there is no thunder you will not be released,” meaning that he needed the luck that would be brought by the reaction of large groups of people to end his ordeal and help him recover.

The lizard eventually released the poor child and if we find out more about his recovery, we will update this story.


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