Korean couple trashes Phuket apartment with kimchi and protein powder, says landlord

Photo: Facebook/ Ricci Tucki

Last week, a furious Phuket apartment owner filed a police report against a South Korean couple who she alleges completely trashed her property using kimchi and protein powder — among other shenanigans.

As with the recent social media uproar over the Chinese couple that allegedly brought garbage from the dumpsters into their rented room, the landlord in Phuket took to social media to vent her frustrations on Thursday.

Facebook user Ricci Tucki says that the apartment was in perfect condition when the tourists checked out. But she alleges that the couple later came back using copies of her key and proceeded to wreck the place in creative ways, like slicing open the sofa and stuffing it with kimchi, covering the furniture with protein powder, cutting up the wires on all of the electronic appliances and smashing two TVs and putting them in the shower.

A screenshot of the viral Facebook post.


She said the damage totaled a whopping THB343,000 (US$10,300). Well, damn.  

In the public post (which has now been taken down for unknown reasons), Ricci shared photos of the couple’s passports, saying that her goal was to get the tourists banned from the country completely.

Photo: Facebook/ Ricci Tucki

Coconuts has reached out to the apartment owner for more information but has yet to receive a reply.

Whether this was a series of bizarre, unconnected events or some terrible, new trend, we’ll keep you all posted. But if this story is true, we’ve got to give the couple a few point of cunning creativity for the kimchi. Wow.

Photo: Facebook/ Ricci Tucki
Photo: Facebook/ Ricci Tucki
Photo: Facebook/ Ricci Tucki

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