Japanese student bakes all of Thailand, one cookie province at a time

Images: @InfoFromThai / Twitter
Images: @InfoFromThai / Twitter

A Japanese student living in Bangkok spent seven hours baking dozens of biscuits representing Thailand’s provinces and mapping them out into the second home she loves.

The baked map was posted Friday to Twitter by @InfoFromThai, a Japanese student inspired by the country near to her heart. Her Twitter bio identifies her as a third-year student who has been in Thailand eight years. 

“I wasn’t thinking about making [Thailand-shaped cookies] until two days ago. Suddenly I felt like it,” she told Coconuts Bangkok in a message, declining to disclose her real name. Her account name means “a 24-year-old living in Thailand.”

She said she was inspired by a similar effort involving her homeland.

“I saw a Japanese [user] who made Japan-shaped cookies on Twitter a few months ago (In Japan, Japan-shaped cookie molds are sold),” she added.

@InfoFromThai said she’s originally from Wakayama prefecture south of Osaka. She confirmed that she came to Thailand almost eight years ago and is currently a student at Chulalongkorn University. She also posts to Instagram with her sister.

She spent seven hours baking the cookies – two hours kneading the dough and cutting each to look like each Thai province, four hours to make the shapes and the last hour to arrange them correctly. 

Despite such a great job she did, she publicly apologized for messing up some parts: Phuket island and Phang Nga province were merged into a single piece while the northern provinces were “not sticking so well.”

However, the biscuit puzzle was positively received online with a lot of netizens pointing out in the map where they’re living. They said “cute mak mak” and “sugoi” for her “beautiful work.”

Asked about her next baking project, she said she is still thinking about one. “I don’t have an idea yet. Any ideas?”Feel free to share yours via Twitter account @InfoFromThai.

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