Jackass-wannabes: Four teens are creating commotion all over Bangkok in attempt to gain virality

Thai social media is ablaze with scorn over a group of four Bangkok teenagers who proudly released a video of themselves disrupting public order for fun yesterday.

In the nearly seven minute long video, the boys can be seen humping trees, diving in public toilets, sliding down the subway escalators, and most unsettling of all, climbing atop cars waiting at red lights.

Their apparent goal? You guessed it, virality. The video has gained nearly half a million views in one day, although most netizens reacted in anger.

Many commenters spat criticisms such as “societal trash!” — and another bunch pointed out that climbing on people’s cars is considered an attempt to damage the property of others, which is enough grounds for arrest.

“Jump on my car and I’ll take your legs off,” snapped one commenter.

In response to heavy public criticism, some group members posted apologies on Facebook, while the self-proclaimed leader of the group, Wanchalerm Permkasem, continues to gleam with pride.

There has been no report on whether city administration officials will take legal action against the four teens.

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