Ja Returns: Is an itch-free ear any less sexy?

Made famous by the luk thung lyrics about how her itchy “ear” and signature crotch-scratching movements, Nongmanee “Ja” Mahadthai, better known as “Ja Kanhu” was the target of a national moral scolding two years ago.

It seemed to illustrate a certain point of Thai hypocrisy when after being condemned from all corners, her provocative live performances set YouTube on fire with more than 10 million views, the singer has now landed a contract with R Siam Music, the luk thung recording company with other sexually-charged artists like Baitoey R Siam.  

Ja has reportedly quit her indy luk thung band Turbo and has changed her title to Ja R Siam, with the first single released two weeks ago. If you’re looking forward to seeing her scratch that certain midpoint of her anatomy, just forget it because Ja has announced she’s giving up the dirty scratch-and-bump. At least on stage.

“I signed an eight-year contract with R Siam,” Ja told Manager. “My stage clothes will still be sexy, but not so nudie like before because my record company wants to maintain their good image. But still I don’t want to go completely modest because it’s not me. I used to scratch on stage, but now I will just tell jokes about it and try to entertain audiences.”

Her first music video with R Siam “My Mood Changes with your Behavior,” tells a story of a jealous girl who catches her boyfriend cheating. Despite the obligatory catfight and seeing Ja dance in two-piece bra-let and embroidered hot-pants with a bunch of shirtless gay men, we just don’t get the same shock-energy and wow-effect from Ja.

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Or maybe we are still recovering from the old scratcher?

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Talking about the controversial scratching, the 22-year-old singer says she is now a millionaire and proud to buy a house for her family. She told Manager of the hope to become famous like our favorite Baitoey R Siam, known for her single “Splash out.”

Let’s say we wish her the best of luck, but right now, we’ll just sit back and wait to see the actual return of this energetic, funny stage performer whom we expect to have developed excessively over the years to live up to R Siam standard.

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