It’s official: Thailand fails the most at monogamy

Like your grandparents always said, nothing’s true until it’s made into an infographic.

In a statistical revelation unlikely to surprise anyone anywhere, Thailand was found to have the highest rate of unfaithfulness between lovers and partners than any other nation or at least copping to it.

Over 56 percent of married Thais of all sexes who responded to a survey admitted to committing adultery, data used to create a handsome infographic by The Independent.

Thailand was the only Asian country to make the list with the rest being nations of Europe.

Statistics edutainment site The Richest wrote that Patpong “is the most notorious red light district in the world,” and rich Thai men enjoy their mia nois while for expat guys “young Thai girlfriends are a status symbol.”

The Richest also mentions, “Whatever your kinks run to, you can probably find them here. Without a doubt, it’s the Wild Wild East.”

So how do we feel about this?


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