Isaan makes CNN’s list of 17 best places to visit in 2017

No longer simply the place that many people move to Bangkok to escape, Isaan is becoming a global destination itself.

When you think of the wide open spaces, amazing cuisine and emerging global popularity of Morlam music, it’s no wonder why tourists are flocking to the Thai countryside in droves.

CNN points out that the northeastern region known as Isaan boasts, “ancient Khmer ruins outside Buriram, mountainous national parks in Loei and Bronze Age artifacts in the UNESCO-listed Ban Chiang Archaeological Site.

And hey, if you aren’t into that stuff, there’s always somtam, sticky rice, grilled chicken and lao khao to keep you busy. Maybe you can even plan a visit to that poor, sick buffalo you once saved.

While we are glad that Isaan was included, we have some confusion about this list, which was compiled by five CNN “expert” staffers. While some of the destinations on the list are as specific as a U.S. national monument, others are more vague, such as “Columbia” and “Australia.” Ummmm, thanks for the list CNN but Australia’s pretty big, could you be more specific?

Here is the full list of CNN’s best 17 places of visit in 2017

1. Prince Edward Island, Canada

2. Penang, Malaysia

3. Columbia

4. Bermuda

5. Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, U.S.

6. Isaan, Thailand

7. Bhutan

8. Chengdu, China

9. Aarhus, Denmark

10. Bordeaux, France

11. Western Iceland

12. Albania

13. Amman, Jordan

14. Rwanda

15. Senegal

16. Houston, United States

17. Australia


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