Infuriated uncle kills date after he couldn’t get erection

Screenshot: Workpoint
Screenshot: Workpoint

A 63-year-old Thai man in the eastern province of Trat has confessed to beating his date to death, saying he was frustrated that she had demanded THB500 (US$15) for sex even though he’d been unable to get it up.

Saktawee Tiwalak, who collects and sells garbage for a living, was charged with manslaughter yesterday after allegedly killing his 50-year-old date, identified as only Chit.

Her body was found in a park about 100 meters from his rented room, with several bruises on her face.

According to their acquaintances, Chit, who sells desserts for a living, was a regular drinking buddy of Saktawee.

Saktawee first denied his involvement in her death, then confessed that he had invited her back to his room on Sunday night for sex.

Screenshot: Workpoint

But no matter what he tried, he couldn’t get an erection. A frustrated Saktawee turned violent after an argument erupted over her request for payment when they “didn’t even have sex,” according to Workpoint.

Residents in the area said Saktawee is known for “turning into a different person” when he drinks.

This may not be the first time Saktawee killed. Police said he was once arrested for beating his friend to death while they were drinking together, but Saktawee was not convicted due to a lack of evidence.

Manslaughter is punishable by imprisonment of three to 20 years.

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