How to look rich and likeable: Thai girl goes viral with sarcastic guide

Have you ever rolled your eyes at Facebook friends who constantly post photos of their THB100,000 bags, fancy cocktails and sports cars? This just means that they didn’t do it right, so let this humorous tutorial show you how to brag about your wealth without looking pretentious.

A Pantip user named Chinelo Novo has had enough with tasteless bragging on social media, so she decided to write a tutorial on the right way to show you’re fancy…and endearing at the same time.

“First, don’t position the object you want to brag about in the middle of your photo. Try putting it towards the corner to show ‘hey, I’m not trying to brag!’” Chinelo wrote.

Obviously, your friends will talk behind your back about your pretentiousness if you make this brand name bag the focus of your photo.

Second, don’t put a logo in your friends’ faces.

“If you take a photo of your steering wheel and capture the logo, this means you’re doing it wrong. People will take that you’re rich, but they will also know you’re bragging.”

Chinelo said the most common mistakes are people who pair their photos with irrelevant, cheesy captions such as “I will treat you the way you treat me,” or “Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead.”

Literal example

“Third, be down-to-earth. Don’t care about your wealth. Be joyful, funny and quirky.”

Ooh, is that the famous interlocking C logo?

Here’s a pro tip: try to feature your key item as little as possible in the photo. You may feature one-fifth of the logo to give audience an “unintentional” clue.

“This photo is a great example. Can you guess which brand this bag comes from?

Black, red, and tan plaid! What could it be?

Lastly, items with a signature style are easier to inoffensively brag about. People can’t say that you’re a show-off if you regularly use this Burberry bag and it just happens to get in this shot.

Before you think that this is just another typical Pantip humble-bragger, Chinelo Novo revealed that she borrowed all the bags from her colleagues to do a how-to. Her pearl necklace costs THB250, haggled down from THB300. And the Mustang? From a display at Mega Bangna.

“By the way, thanks to Mega Bangna for the prop.”

Chinelo Novo told Coconuts Bangkok that she did not intend to mock anyone specifically. Her inspiration comes from her circle of friends, who are tired of people’s bragging Facebook posts.

“Bragging about being rich is not wrong. Really, anyone who gets their hands on a brand name item would want to show it off, right?” said Chinelo. “So I want to write about how to brag in a creative way.”

She revealed that since she cannot afford a luxurious bag, she occasionally borrows others’ bags to take photos for fun. She did not expect that her joke would garner this much attention.

“I posted on Pantip before bed. When I woke up, my notification was bombarded with friends’ messages and tags. The thread is pinned as a recommended post, and people are loving it. I was so surprised!”

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