Heroic driver pulls off dangerous rescue of kitten stuck under Bangkok bridge (VIDEO)

A Bangkok truck driver has restored our faith in humanity by risking his life to rescue a kitten stuck under an elevated bridge on Rama II Road.

In the video posted to Facebook on Saturday, bystanders applaud when the truck driver, only identified as “Ueng”, pulls the little kitten into his arms and descends onto the ground safely after climbing and balancing on top of a hydraulically raised truck bed.  

The video of his heroic act has received almost a million views.

Nieb Nittigon, who filmed and posted the video to Facebook, is heard saying in the clip that the kitten had been screaming for help since the night before. Ueng the driver can be seen petting the little kitten with love after the dramatic rescue.

Nieb then asks the driver if he would adopt the cat, but Ueng says his job requires him to travel too much and sometimes sleep in his truck.

At the end, Nieb offered to adopt the cat. Yesterday morning he posted another video of the kitten enjoying its breakfast. Maybe the world is not such a horrible place after all.

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