Help a Dane: TV personality asks for Thai help with sunscreen in viral campaign (VIDEO)

A Danish man speaks unintelligible Thai in the campaign “Help a Dane,” as he asks for Thai people’s help in a viral campaign to raise awareness of skin cancer.

The video, released by The Danish Cancer Society and TrygFonden, features Danish TV personality Mikael Bertelsen, who pleads for Thais to help warn Danish tourists about applying sunscreen.

“We Danes love your country, but there is a problem.” Bertelsen speaks with all seriousness in hard-to-understand Thai. “The strong sun is harmful to our delicate skin, and everyday a Dane dies from skin cancer.”

The video then shows a group of sunburnt, miserable-looking Danes who travel from their “cold, dark north” to “your fantastic towns and beaches.” They spend hours upon hours in the sun and all end up fried.

“Teach us to be more like you!” Bertelsen begs and demonstrates how Thais can help the burnt Nordics, “Remind us of shade, sun hat and sunscreen. Volunteer now and help a Dane.”

He thanks Thailand on behalf of Denmark and ends with a wai.

Similar videos in French, Italian, Spanish, and Greek send the same message to the people living in the top five holiday destinations for Danes. On the website, citizens of the five countries can register to volunteer and convince Danes to protect themselves from strong sun rays and skin cancer risk.

Thais find the video creative and hilarious. They even approve of Bertelsen’s broken Thai. Some are kind enough to clarify the message and spread the word.

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