Guard at Asoke condo breaks into sleeping woman’s room (VIDEO)

A security guard at The Address Asoke reportedly used a master key card to enter a woman’s condo, with footage of the incident circulated online last night.

In the video, posted by the victim’s family, a man in a guard uniform enters a room on the 42nd floor at 5:50 minute mark. Fifteen minutes later the woman who lives there runs out of her room in panic, holding a nightstand lamp, before going down to seek help at the lobby.

Victim runs out of her room holding a lamp at the 20:24 mark.



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From another angle, we see the security guard run out of the room and hide in the emergency exit, waiting for the victim to go down the elevator before he can leave the scene.

After an anonymous user on Pantip claiming to be the victim’s brother, shared the security footage with the public last night, it became a topic of great interest.

In the post he said that he lives in the condo with three of his siblings, but his oldest sister was there alone Wednesday night when a guard came into the room at 5am while she was sleeping.

After fleeing the room, the woman reportedly went downstairs to seek help from the building security. They hesitated, claiming they needed to be downstairs. One guard agreed to go up to the room with her, but what she didn’t realize at the time: It was the same guy who just broke in.

Condo management reportedly looked into the matter and said the guard claimed to have stolen a master key card from a housekeeper, but they concluded it came from a worker who recently renovated the condo. The card had been reported missing a long time ago, but wasn’t deactivated by the management.

The guard was said to have been fired.

AP Thailand, the developer who built the condo, responded last night that it has nothing to do with the management of the The Address Asoke.

“AP has handed the management authority to the condo committee, who chose to hire its current security company,” an AP representative posted in the Pantip thread  using the develper’s official account. “If the customers finds any faults in the service, they can file complaints to the committee. However AP has been notified of the incident and reached out to the customers and will help them coordinate with the committee.”

Police were finally called in and said to be investigating the incident today. The family said they have not slept in their THB10-million condo since the incident.

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