Google Maps car stopped in Phrae; driver accused of being govt spy

A Google Maps camera car was prevented from passing through a village in northern Thailand yesterday because the residents suspected the vehicle’s driver of being a spy.

Dephrom Fufong, a 27-year-old Chiang Mai man, was briefly detained for interrogation when he drove his camera-mounted Google car into Phrae’s Song district. 

The villagers thought that the government had sent the car to survey the neighborhood for a controversial dam project, which has reached a stalemate as local residents strongly oppose its construction.

Dephrom was forced to swear in front of a Buddha image at the village temple that he had not shot anything in the area. He was then asked to leave.

Dephrom said he was given a letter issued by the village head outlining why Google wasn’t allowed to show the area on its Google Street View service, Mthai reported.

Photo: MThai

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  1. I know Google, started 14 years ago by the CIA and NSA to control the internet and fight back the freedom of info… I'm sure they would not know that but check it, this is public information before you make fun of some country people. They spy alright, under the cover of the normal working people who not even know for who or what they work for.

  2. I live in Song & feel a tad embarrassed. But as someone else's comment wrote A Lack Of Education of these people. The more areas google cover the better & I hope they went through my village before being chased away.

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