Gone With the Rind: Donated durian vanishes from Trat ‘sharing pantry’

It’s durian season! And people love them – the stinkier the better. What’s even better than stinky durian? Free durian. 

Witnesses said it only took a few minutes yesterday for residents to clear out 100 boxes of packaged durian donated to a “sharing pantry” in front of the Bo Rai Police Station in Trat province. 

Places for people to leave or take food as needed have sprouted up nationwide, and on Wednesday afternoon, the owner of the B.M. House Bo Rai Hotel left 100 durian servings in the cabinet for anyone needing a stinky “King of Fruit” fix while it’s in peak season.

“These durians are being prepared for the sharing pantry in front of the Bo Rai Police Station,” Saisamorn Benjamat wrote prior to delivering them. “Please get them only for your stomach, so others can taste them too.” 

Help the Hungry: ‘Sharing Pantries’ spread across Thailand

After Saisamorn finished loading up the pantry with her fruity bounty, residents swept in to claim it. Five minutes later, it had all ran out.

While many praised Saisamorn’s generosity, some joked that the pantry, where people usually leave items of lesser value, had suddenly become “premium” since it offered a high-demand item that’s not affordable to many. A kilogram of durian, depending on the variety, can cost THB150 to THB170 (US$5).

Since last week, the “sharing pantries” phenomenon has spread across the country as people look to support one another during the difficult time created by the coronavirus pandemic, when many are out of work. 


Help the Hungry: ‘Sharing Pantries’ spread across Thailand

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