Ghostly girl fined for sitting on top of moving taxi

The woman who was filmed sitting on a moving taxi as calmly as a ghost has been identified by police, and she turns out to be just another human with troubles.

Deputy commander of Huamark Police Lt. Col. Nopporn Srisuchart said today that the woman stopped by for questioning after her ghostly stunt terrified and distracted the motorists on Rama IX road on Sunday.

Without mentioning her name, Nopporn said that the woman was fined THB500 for the way she rode the vehicle, and the reason that she was sitting on top of a moving taxi is because she had a “quarrel within her family.”

The video, which was taken by MCOT photojournalist Powarit Katkul, shows the eerie woman sitting calmly on the trunk of a pink taxi in the middle of the night. As if it wasn’t creepy enough, when the cameraman got closer to the taxi, the woman looked into the camera and pointed her finger in the direction of the people inside the taxi.


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The video was heavily discussed on the social network, and the most widespread rumor to explain the incident was that the woman was the taxi driver’s wife, and she caught him cheating.

Police have contacted the taxi driver, but he has not reported for questioning. The driver could face a three-month jail term and/ or a fine of THB10,000 maximum for reckless driving, Post Today reported.


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