Fun for All: The team behind Soi Hongnam’s bucket toilet drops new funnel facility

Usually, when you employ a funnel on a night of drinking, it’s to ingest beer quickly. However, the great minds of Sukhumvit Soi 7, also known as Soi Hongnam (Thai for Toilet Alley), pride themselves on thinking differently.

If a funnel can help beer go in, can one also usher it out? Apparently, yes.

The anonymous team that brought us the bucket / toilet seat / shower curtain sidewalk bathroom realized it might be curtains for their DIY toilet but, hey, sidewalk drunks still gotta piss, right?

This situation on Soi 7 arises from the many portable bars that pop up on the street each evening — none of which has a toilet. The quiet soi houses only a few hotels and one real bar, each of which has barred non-customers from using their bathrooms. This has created a dire toilet situation on the street, which often reeks of human waste as drunks relieve themselves on the street. For a short time, they also used this DIY toilet crafted by some ingenious — or desperate — soul.

Their latest setup involves what looks like a long, gray, vacuum hose attached to a blue funnel. One end is snaked into the sewer while the other lies on the sidewalk, waiting to be employed to simply and easily lead liquid waste to the sewer. Or, at least, we hope it’s liquid waste.

We are unsure if both men and women are employing this device.

If you decide to go check it out and are hungry afterwards, be sure to visit the Vacant Lot Restaurant, one of Bangkok’s most unique dining opportunities located across the street from the funnel.

The new funnel facility was spotted by one of our intrepid readers that resides on Soi 7 and kindly sent the snap to us with the comment, “Imagine touching that thing! Instant diseases.”


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