Former sex worker accused of trafficking Thai girls as young as 14

A walking street in Thailand. Photo: lynhdan / Flickr
A walking street in Thailand. Photo: lynhdan / Flickr

A 65-year-old former sex worker accused of drugging and trafficking girls including a 14-year-old teen was arrested this morning in a province along Thailand’s southern border.

Karnjana Pojan, who police officials suspect was tipped off about her imminent arrest and fled to to Songkhla, where she was staying with a cousin, faces charges she conspired to engage in human trafficking.

Karnjana maintained her innocence upon being taken into custody today and was transported back to the Nakhon Sawan city police station in central Thailand, according to multiple media reports.

That’s where officials say Karnjana was once a renowned prostitute. As her client base dwindled with age, she reportedly made a career move into procuring girls for clients. 

Police say the youngest girl she ever brought into the service industry was only 14. They believe Karnjana lured the teen in with addictive drugs before making her sell sexual services to her clients for THB500 (US$16) to THB1000 (US$33) a time. 

The teen would reportedly only receive a THB100 (US$3) to THB200 (US$7) cut of that money.

Questioning was expected to continue today.  


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