First Thai woman conquers Mount Everest today

This morning, Napassaporn Chumnarnsit made history as the first Thai woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

According to the Thai Everest 2016 Facebook page, Napassaporn, a dentist known to her patients as Dr. Oeem, reached the summit of the world’s most famous peak. Mount Everest lies 8,885 meters above sea level and Dr. Oeem reached the fabled landmark at 11am today (9:45am at the local time in Nepal, where Everest is located).

As of this afternoon, the Facebook post announcing her accomplishment had 22k likes and 3.5k shares. “She is the first Thai woman to conquer the world’s highest peak. She is Thailand’s pride,” the page reported.

Dr. Oeem started on her journey to the peak from Camp 4 late last night under good weather conditions with a bright sky to help her see and light winds and make her ascent possible.

But it’s not all celebration from there. Many climbers report that coming down from the mountain is harder and more dangerous than climbing it.

Though Dr. Oeem is the first Thai woman to conquer the peak, she is not the first Thai to conquer Everest. Vithitnan Rojanapanich also reached the peak on May 22, 2008, according to Thai PBS.

We wish her a safe journey down the mountain.


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