Farang motorcyclist rants in Isaan-Thai after facing heftier fine than locals (VIDEO)

A rare video of a foreigner ranting in an Isaan dialect got over five million views overnight, after the man was faced with a THB1,000 fine for his motorcycle’s loud exhaust pipe in Khon Kaen province.

Facebook account Farang BaanNok (upcountry farang) posted a video of himself yesterday together with a picture of a traffic ticket. Description reads: “First day in the city district, the police took THB1,000 from me because I’m a farang. I got a driver’s license and do everything legally. Please help and share this.”

In the 30-second rant, the man said he was riding his motorcycle in Muang district of Khon Khaen when the police summoned “that Farang.” The police then proceeded to give him a ticket for a loud exhaust pipe, although the man said that he hadn’t modified it.

Later the man posted a status update saying that he did not have a problem being fined. He only wanted to know why other riders commiting the same offense were fined less than him. There should be a standard and the fine should not depend on the police, he said in the status.

The ticket stated his offense as not using a muffler or noise reductor with the exhaust pipe. According to Thai traffic law, the maximum fine of the offense is THB1,000. However, the police must use a decibel meter to prove that the noise exceeds 95 decibels to charge the rider.

We’re not sure what this Farang BaanNok’s real name is or where he’s from, but his Isaan dialect seems to be a big hit among Thais as he’s got over 90,000 followers on Facebook.

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