Family name giant monitor lizard ‘Selena’, say it’s a frequent visitor

The video Attanai Thaiyuanwong posted of a giant monitor lizard humping his front door created new fear in Bangkokians yesterday. So, Coconuts had to reach out for more info about exactly what was going on with this lizard at his house.

Homeowner Attanai said it wasn’t the first time this giant lizard had stopped by to visit. It’s actually been there enough times that the family has given it a name. Of course, they named it “Selena” after pop star Selena Gomez.

“It [the lizard] is here all the time. There are even bigger ones!” Attanai told Coconuts.

“We call it Selena after [Selena Gomez] the celebrity my sister likes, because we don’t want to say the word ‘hia’ in our home,” he added.

We wonder what he calls the bigger lizards. Britney Spears?

Attanai, 24, said he lives near a mangrove forest off Sukhumvit road in Samutprakarn province, and that the lizard family lived there long before he moved in.

“Aside from Selena, there are many babies, too. We’ve grown accustomed to them, but we’re not that close,” Attanai told Daily News.

“Humans have invaded the animals’ habitats so now they don’t know where to go. Not having a home is sad enough, and humans still try to get rid of them. Let’s say we can all live together as long as we don’t hurt one another,” he spoke fondly of the monitor lizards.

So, folks, when you see a monitor lizard, love the hell out of it. Feel sorry for it. Invite it back to your house for a tea and give it a celebrity nickname.

And what happened after the 2-minute video ended? Attanai said an employee at his house took the lost lizard back to the forest.

We’re pretty sure we haven’t heard the final song from Selena though. She can’t keep her hands to herself when it comes to that front door.

Editor’s Note: The previous report of the giant lizard identified that Attanai lived in Nonthaburi, but a new information said he lives in Samutprakarn, which is still close to Bangkok and doesn’t decrease the horror of this story.



Hia! Monster monitor lizard really wants to get into Nonthaburi home (VIDEO)

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