Would you fall for this badly faked Thai banknote? One taxi driver did (PHOTOS)

Photos: The Phuket News

A Phuket taxi driver manager posted a warning for people to beware of fake banknotes after a tourist got away with paying with a THB50 (US$1.50) banknote washed with a purple tint and with extra zeros literally glued on it to present it as a THB500 (US$15) note.

However, even in black-and-white, the design of the bill should be obvious to anyone who regularly uses Thai cash.

This is what the THB500 note should look like.

A taxi company manager, who did not want to be named, posted photos of the note on Facebook Tuesday, saying “Staff at my office showed me this. The money was from a taxi driver who was handed this from a tourist on Monday night. We are not sure if it was the tourist created this banknote or if someone else handed it to (him/her) without realizing it.”

The poster said he was sharing to warn other people to look carefully at the money they are given.

Story: The Phuket News

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