Ex-cop refused boarding unleashes fury on unlucky DMK computer

Photo: Desert Housewife’s Diary / Facebook
Photo: Desert Housewife’s Diary / Facebook

It was a “you can’t sit with us” moment when the police spokesman yesterday denied any association with a man who claimed to be a police colonel as he hulk-smashed a gate computer.

Police spokesman Col. Krissana Pattanachareon said the man, who had arrived with a woman traveler too late for their flight, was no longer a colonel as he had left the force six years ago. He said the unnamed former Kalasin province cop would be responsible for his actions and not the police.

“The property damage resulted from his actions, and the Royal Thai Police has no association,” Krissana said. “The case will move forward with witnesses and evidence, and they will be charged for their actions.” His comments came in response to claims that the man had fronted his police cred before blowing up.

Don Mueang Airport Director Sampan Kuthranon said property damage complaints have already been filed against the pair over Saturday’s incident. Lt. Col. Kornpong Pumpothong said the airport police force had not filed any charges yet.

Footage of the outburst spreading online shows a man and woman argue with AirAsia ground staff after they are refused boarding their flight to Khon Kaen because they arrived too late. Though the woman kicks things off by slamming some objects onto the gate counter, the guy stands almost serenely until his rage meter reaches full and he smashes a computer monitor to pieces before stomping away.

Sampan said there was no one to blame but themselves.

“Don Mueang Airport isn’t crowded at all at this time, but they came late themselves,” the airport director said, reminding travelers to arrive at least 90 minutes before their flight.

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