Ex-con internet idol arrested for keeping gun in car, posts selfie from jail cell

Facebook photos of Keng Laiprang.
Facebook photos of Keng Laiprang.

Keng Laiprang, a man who was previously jailed for attempted murder and then became famous on social media because of his wild tattoos, was arrested for having a gun under his car seat this morning at a police checkpoint in Huai Khwang.

Around 5:30am today, the 35-year-old man who goes by the nickname “Keng Laiprang,” which translates as “Keng Camouflage,” was detained after police searched his car on Prachauthit Road and found a Ruger handgun and five 9mm bullets.

The internet idol posted a selfie from his jail cell at Huai Khwang police station, apologizing to his 1.9 million followers for his mistakes, Daily News reported.

The post has been removed, and the man was released on bail this afternoon.

Keng Laiprang, whose real name is Panya Yimumphai, served eight years in prison on charges of attempted murder and robbery in 2001. After he was released, the redeemed man started a bakery business and became a DJ, comedian, actor and finally an influencer on social media.

As surprising as it sounds, the man is currently employed as a spokesperson for many beauty products. He regularly posts selfies holding boxes of weight-loss and skin-whitening pills to promote them to his fan base.

In the photo below, he was hired to cover up his tattoos with makeup.

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