Epic fail: Famous DJ tweets sponsored posts for Samsung using his iPhone

Noted host and DJ Winai Sooksawang, aka DJ Jae Mam, was left red-faced yesterday after he was caught tweeting promotional messages for Samsung’s Galaxy S4 with his iPhone. 

In a series of online messages shared through his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, Winai profusely praised the Korean smartphone manufacturer for its cutting-edge technologies, which he claimed outshined Apple’s. Winai said that he had quit using Apple’s products after the release of the iPhone 3S.

“I was once a proud iPhone user and ashamed of using Samsung,” read one of his tweets, which included an embedded photo of the Samsung S4. “But in the past few years, I’m ashamed to use iPhone but proud to use Samsung. I feel that Samsung’s worth my money and not just a fashion.”

However, the facts paint a different story. Several tech bloggers, using the Echofon application for Twitter, were able to deduce that Winai’s tweets originated from an iPhone, not a Samsung S4.

Multiple tech blogs and news outlets have picked up on Winai’s ironic blunder. Macthai.com jokingly cast it as “the national failure,” seeing as Winai had long appeared to be one of the biggest fans of Apple. Last September, he posted a Facebook message about “how to upgrade an iOS 6” for Apple users.

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Winai, however, shrugged off the incident, saying that he used a Galaxy S4 and that his social media team was responsible for the botched promotions.

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