Emotions of Timelessness shown through photography

Ko Si Chi is the first master of modern Taiwanese photography which places him at the centre of aesthetics in photography in Taiwan.

His upcoming exhibition “Wujin,”, which in Mandarin means “Timelessness”, will showcase Ko’s classical works from his 50 years experience. The title refers to his photographic encounters as he is always on the move to shoot. Ko describes himself as someone who feels like a passenger without a destination.

His photographs are not only photoshoots, they are also works of art. They not only display beauty but also draw from the nature of our senses, making our emotions turn inside-out. Lines, colors, and shapes are combined together to form these emotions to illuminate light in the souls of those who can see it.

And that is the main motivation of this exhibition – to bestow sympathy in the chaos of reality.

“Wujin” will be on display at the Adler Subhashok Gallery from Sept 11 to Oct 18, and the opening reception will be on Sept 11 at 7pm.



Sept 11 – Oct 18

Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 5pm

Saturday – Sunday, 11am – 6:30pm

Adler Subhashok Gallery

Sukhumvit 33

MRT Sukhumvit

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