Dry polls: Thailand to ban alcohol sales this weekend and next due to general election

Thailand, it’s time to stock up because the next two weekends are going to be dry with no chance of booze.

The Election Commission (EC) of Thailand has confirmed alcohol bans this weekend and next in preparation for the kingdom’s general election scheduled for Sunday March 24.

In a press conference earlier this month, Pol. Col. Jarungwit Phumma, secretary of the EC, declared that the sale and distribution of alcohol will be forbidden nation-wide from this Saturday (March, 16) at 6pm until Sunday at 6pm since voters living outside their electorates will be casting their voices this Sunday, reported Thairath.

The prohibition will also come into effect again on election weekend, from Saturday, March 23, at 6pm until polling day, Sunday, March 24, at 6pm.

Meanwhile parties and events that have already been scheduled may still go on — without alcohol, that is.

Re-considering that wedding you RSVP’d to earlier this year, are we?

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What’s more, the Department of Disease Control is also lobbying for the cabinet to ban alcohol sales on Thai New Year’s Day or Songkran on April 13 — and perhaps even a few days prior to it, reported Daily News.

So stock up ladies and gentlemen, before it’s too late.

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