Disabled activist hits back at thoughtless people parking in disabled spaces (VIDEO)

Manit Inpim, a famous activist who rallies to improve the lives of disabled people in Thailand, showed what happens when inconsiderate people make simple mistakes like parking in a disabled space.

In the two-minute clip, Manit showed how difficult it is for him to squeeze himself through the narrow spaces of the Makkasan Airport Link station parking lot after he finds two cars without disabled parking stickers crammed in a single disabled space next to his car.

“I was out working all day in the sun all day and was exhausted. But when I came back to my car, I saw these cars crammed into a disabled space. Let’s see how I deal with it,” Manit says in the captions of the video, which he posted Monday to raise awareness of the importance of respecting the rights of disabled people.

After he makes it through the limited space, Manit opens the car door in frustration and maneuvers himself inside before putting away his wheelchair.

“I’m strong, just like you. I don’t need any help. Just don’t take away my spaces,” he says in the video captions.

Manit, who operates the Facebook page “Accessibility is freedom,” is a spokesman for his community and gives advice to the public and private sectors on how to improve basic services for the disabled people, such as wheelchair-accessible transportation and bathrooms.

Manit has shot several videos to urge people to respect the rights of disabled people, including one notable video where he confronted a woman who parked in a disabled space.



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