Dirty business: Used panty shops mushroom on Facebook, draw online backlash

Sometimes, products being offered in the Thai online marketplace can trend toward the bizarre. While buying used women’s underwear is a longstanding (if odd) sexual fetish, the rapid proliferation of online shops in Thailand offering this product marks a new twist for the world’s sexual economy. 

Isra News Agency released a report this morning about the phenomenon of women selling their panties via Facebook, which has quickly become the most talked-about topic of the day.

These Facebook shops insist that the shop owners wore every piece of underwear themselves and deliberately left them unwashed so that their odor continues to linger. The price for a pair of used panties ranges from THB200 to THB400, excluding post fees.

The shop owners feel justified in their occupation, pointing out that they do not break laws, nor do they steal the clothing from other people. On the other hand, opponents of this business model think that the undertaking is aimed simply at promoting perverts and encouraging them to practice their aberrant behavior.

Dr Pornthep Siriwanarangsan, director-general of the Disease Control Department, told Isra that used clothing contained some fungi that might affect the health of buyers.

However, Pornthep noted that the buyers’ mental health was of greater concern than their physical health.

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