Demanding doll: Buffet joint launches promotion for ‘Look Thep’ haunted dolls

A restaurant on the outskirts of Bangkok said it had to launch a special promotion for Look Thep haunted dolls – a famous superstitious trend among locals – after repeated requests from customers asking waiters to serve their dolls.

Japanese buffet joint Neta Grill, located at community mall The Crystal SB Ratchapruek, announced its new THB499 promotion for Look Thep on Facebook yesterday, after more than 30 customers took their dolls to the restaurant to snack on seafood buffet.

“In the past month, customers have brought their Look Thep to eat at Neta Grill, and there have been phone inquiries from people who want to bring their Look Thep to dine here,” read the caption, of a Facebook post which went viral yesterday.

“Neta Grill is open to all worshippers, and we’re glad to serve Look Thep at a children’s price.”

The restaurant said it was happy for customers to order food for the Look Thep – as long as the dolls finish their food. Seriously.

“Some customers have been requesting staff to serve food and water to their Look Thep and sometimes they got into arguments,” Neta Grill told Coconuts.

“The customers who bring their Look Thep to eat are usually our regulars. Some of them ordered a bunch of food and did not finish it, so we had to fine them.”

Two Look Thep dolls sit behind their owners at Neta Grill restaurant. Judging from their cute uniforms, it’s possible they have just finished school. Photo: Courtesy of Neta Grill.

According to Mama Ning, famous Look Thep creator, Look Thep is “a doll who is alive,” which was simply made by a medium creating a child’s spirit to live in the doll. Worshippers must raise the doll as their own child. Many take their dolls out to public to join their day-to-day activities or even traveling.

Check out Coconuts TV’s exclusive interview with Mae Ning, the Look Thep creator, who gave us a tour of her haunted dollhouse



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