Deadly Hot: Thai North blisters at 43C, public warned of stroke

Screenshot: Mad Max: Fury Road
Screenshot: Mad Max: Fury Road

Where there’s smoke, there’s now fire, as searing temperatures in excess of 40C scorch parts of the north today.

Lampang city hit 43C yesterday and is forecast to sizzle at up to 42C for the next week, according to state meteorologists. Lamphun is predicted to hit 42C this afternoon and remain there for some days, conditions Accuweather says will feel more like 45C.

Bangkok is broiling as well, though to a lesser extreme. Capital city heat is expected to peak at 37C this afternoon.

The northern roast presents enough of a threat to public health that a regional army spokesman warned people to stay hydrated to avoid stroking out in the midst of the brutal heatwave.

With temperatures predicted to remain at an inhuman swelter, people risk heat-related illnesses or heat stroke, which is associated with temperatures over 40C, according to Col. Rungkun Mahapanyawong, spokesman for the army’s third region.

Heat stroke is potentially fatal if not quickly treated, he warned. Symptoms may include confusion, agitation, disorientation and headache.

Preventive measures include staying hydrated and avoiding excessive heat. Those that run the highest risk of getting of falling ill are people who work outdoors. Col. Rungkun said the hospitals should be especially watchful of new recruits and conscripts currently being trained outdoors.  

Those who might be affected should immediately move to cooler areas and remove their clothes. They should be rubbed with a wet cloth, bathed in cold water or wrapped in wet towels. Cold packs should be applied to the neck, armpints, leg joints in order to help cool the patient.

Children and seniors are especially at risk. Parents should never leave their children unattended in room with high temperatures or under direct sunlight.

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