Dead model left in lobby likely sexually assaulted, examination finds

Thitim ‘Bell’ Noraphanpiphat. Photo: Thitim Noraphanpiphat / Instagram
Thitim ‘Bell’ Noraphanpiphat. Photo: Thitim Noraphanpiphat / Instagram

A popular model found dead in the lobby of a man who carried her limp body in and out of his room was sexually assaulted while unconscious, according to preliminary autopsy results.

In an even darker turn to the story of Thitim “Bell” Noraphanpiphat’s death, initial examination results reportedly found tears inside her vagina as well as traces of semen. Police are now said to be looking for a match for the semen, two days after Thitim’s lifeless body was found in the lobby of a condominium in Bangkok’s Thonburi district.

The man who left her there, a model who said he took her to his room because she was too drunk, denies any wrongdoing. The preliminary results also point to heart failure as Thitim’s cause of death. A final report is expected within a week or two.

Update: Sinister messages emerge as birthday-funeral held for dead Thai model

Lt. Col. Surakit Sitiwilai of the Bukkhalo Police Station, which is investigating the potential crime, said he was unavailable to discuss the specifics Thursday morning.

Thitim was a popular promotional model – widely referred to as a pretty – with more than 62,000 Facebook followers. said no suspects have officially been identified.

Bangkok man denies leaving drugged model for dead in condo lobby

Thitim, a well-known commercial model with a large Facebook following, would have turned 26 on Thursday.

Regional metro police chief Somruek Thongtao said no one has been officially named a suspect as investigators are still questioning witnesses and collecting evidence.

That likely includes Rachadech Wongthabutr, who posted images and video of Thithim passed out before and after taking her into his room, suggesting in the since-deleted posts that he was sexually involved with the unconscious woman.

“I didn’t drug her, she was naughty on her own, hahahaha,” he wrote in a caption to a now-deleted video.

“I don’t know if my 100th wife can make it, hahaha. She’s even wearing my clothes, I put them on her,” he wrote in another post along with a picture of Thitim with her eyes closed and mouth open.

Police said they had to force their way into his room to question him when he refused them entry.

Online, people were trading what were presented as incriminating leaked chat messages indicating that Thithim had been drugged for sexual assault. One shows what’s said to be her passed out on the floor of a car. “The kid’s lips are purple, what have I done?” read a message sent at 5:54pm. The police have commented on neither the content nor authenticity of the purported images.

Rachadech said that after taking Thitim into his room, he carried her back downstairs and left her in the lobby after calling one of her friends to pick her up.

Police are also looking into those who attended an event Monday night at a house in Bang Bua Thong district, where Thitim was working what proved her last gig as a promotional model, aka pretty.

After urine testing party-goers well after the fact, police said no traces of drugs were found. They’ve also obtained security footage from inside the event as well as additional video from Rachadech’s building.

Correction: An earlier version of the story misidentified Thitim’s birthday as being on Friday. It was in fact Thursday.


Bangkok man denies leaving drugged model for dead in condo lobby


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