Cream-filled penis waffles all the rage in Bangkok, but some people are raging mad (PHOTOS)

All photos: Pho Hai Ma/Facebook
All photos: Pho Hai Ma/Facebook

They say all publicity is good publicity and that may be the case this week for dick-shaped waffle vendor Ketnita Prasertsomboon. Her waffles are exploding, going viral on social media as well as in the mouths of fans at Bangkok’s Indy Market.

Though lots of cute young Thais have been posting photos and videos of themselves licking, eating, and loving the waffles, not everyone is a fan of the sexy, cheeky treats, reported Khaosod English.

One of those people is famed chef Yingsak Chonglertjetsadawong, who placed the unpleasant image of monks and children eating this snack into the minds of Thais when she spoke out against the thick, hot waffles. She said the product goes against the conservative culture of Thailand.

Ketnita’s stand, called Pho Hai Ma (which translates as “From My Dad”), serves willy waffles stuffed with cheese or sausage, but you have to get to the market early enough to score. You see, Ketnita has been selling out of the affordable THB39 treats every night.

People have been gushing so much about the waffles that the vendor was interviewed by Amarin TV over the weekend. However, she didn’t invent this food fad, penis waffles have been trendy in Taiwan for a while now.

The Bangkok stand first attracted attention back in mid-September, when a video of customers with the treat was watched 18 million times and sent new fans flocking to the market to get themselves some “d” as well.

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