Crazy farang tied up by Pattaya locals and police after he jumped from roof to roof

Screenshot: Siamchon News
Screenshot: Siamchon News

A foreign man was tied up by locals and police Wednesday morning after he shouted uncontrollably and ran from roof to roof across other people’s houses in Pattaya.

At midnight, locals alerted the police after the farang went on a rampage and destroyed other people’s property. As he showed no signs of stopping, police officers and locals worked together to tie the man up, Channel 8 reported.

It was reported no one could understand what he was shouting about, and the man refused to talk to the police.

His name and nationality were not revealed.

Witnesses said they had not seen the man before. The farang continued to let out curses as he was moved onto the police’s truck, as seen in this video by Siamchon News.

He was taken to paramedics as there were several wounds across his face and body.


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