Crazy ‘cat gent’ arrested for killing nine cats he adopted

A man that is quickly emerging as Bangkok’s crazy “cat gentleman” was arrested yesterday for killing at least nine cats he adopted via Facebook from posts for animals that needed homes.

Despite an eyewitness saying that she had seen more than 20 cat corpses around his apartment building on Lat Phrao Road, Panuwat Singsahas, 26, confessed to killing only a total of nine cats in July. Only.

While he didn’t remember which of the adopted cats he had killed, Panuwat said he killed the felines by either tying their necks with ropes, strangling them, smashing them or throwing them against the wall, according to Watchdog Thailand.

The reason for his killing spree? He was pissed off that the kitties bit him, which they probably did because he is an animal-killing psychopath.

The story emerged after over ten former cat owners, organized into a group by Watchdog Thailand, filed police complaints after the man refused to follow up with them regarding the welfare of the adopted animals.

On Sunday, police found six dead cats scattered around his apartment building, wrapped in plastic bags.

The court set Sept. 22 as the date for his hearing. If found guilty, this crazy cat gent could face a two-year jail term and a fine of up to THB40,000, according to Bangkok Post.



Sick Bangkok couple adopt dozens of cats online, allegedly kill them all

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