Crappy coffee commercial capitalizes on women’s body issues, goes viral

A five-minute-long Thai commercial for a laxative coffee drink is currently trending internationally despite the fact that it sets forward some pretty shallow and unpleasant ideals.

It’s gotten 5 million views since being shared by Facebook page Asian Crush just 12 hours ago, despite the fact that the commercial is a year old and basically tells you that a chemical-laden instant coffee drink designed to make you shit can give you the best life ever.

Warning: you can never unsee this:

The video portrays two homely, chubby Thai girls working in an office together and bemoaning the fact that they don’t have boyfriends while a beautiful girl leaves the office with the guy they are crushing on.

The girls make a vague promise to become beautiful so that they can get boyfriends. They are then, mysteriously, pulled into the office copy machine, which dumps them out in their office in the year 2030. The goofily futuristic office offers simple “face off” beautifying treatments to make everyone generically gorgeous. The women see the beautiful versions of themselves at their old desks and are momentarily thrilled, until they hear “future them” talking — they are saying that they need to be even more beautiful so that they can get boyfriends.

Suddenly, one girl decides that enough is enough. She follows the model-esque creature, whom they say has an ordinary face but imply that her body is her advantage, into the bathroom to find out her beauty secret.

You’ll never guess what it is. Actually, yeah, you probably will. It’s some lame laxative coffee. And the two girls might have killed her to find out that secret. That part is kind of unclear.

In case the commercial’s incredibly superficial message wasn’t quite driven home, it’s capped off with the questionably inspiring slogan “Your future depends on your physique” (the subtitle was a little off, sorry.) The girls, now in awesome shape, make their office a catwalk, and men crawl after them, offering them flowers. Ugh.

You’re welcome.

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